About us

The main activity of our company is selling professional cleaning, washing, disinfecting and hygiene products, low and high pressure washing equipment and spare parts, dosing equipment, personal care products.

We offer you high quality products, hygienic solutions at competitive prices!

We are proud to provide our customers with a high quality service, offering a wide range of the world-renowned brands, cleaning, hygiene, disinfecting products and its equipment.

Washing equipment:
The extensive range of washing equipment we offer will help you find the best and most optimal solution for the correct use and dosage of your detergents. Proper washing and disinfection depends on the washing equipment. Our team will advise and assist you in choosing the right washing equipment. The technical department carries out the installation and regular maintenance of your washing equipment. Our technical staff is constantly upgrading their qualification to ensure the optimum performance of each installed washing machine.

We offer these standard technical maintenance services:

  • Periodical washing equipment maintenance and service
  • Repair of washing equipment
  • Regular testing of chemistry concentration

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